Dr. Ernest Geid Makram

Dr. Ernest Geid Makram

Senior Consultant


Office   U.A.E. – EGYPT – CANADA


Areas of Concentration

Dr. Ernest Makram has spent the last 22 years in the Healthcare Industry, where he has developed a strong understanding of changing market dynamics, global trends, health economics, and built a solid expertise in business development, brand maximization and strategic planning.
Throughout his different leadership positions in Pharma companies as Business Development Head, Strategic Planning Head, Marketing Head and Commercial Operation Head, Dr. Ernest has demonstrated excellence in managing markets across different countries in the MENA region. Through a wide range of therapeutic areas, he is creating new business models and developing long term strategic plans. 


The legal and compliance experience he gained through negotiating and developing different agreements in the industry was substantial, Dr. Ernest developed more than 25 partnering, local manufacturing, dual branding agreements with local and international partners. Also, he was involved in developing different compliance SOPs.
Having such long experience in Middle East and Africa, he established a strong network with distributors, agents and some key persons working in the MENA region. This has enabled him to provide a wide range of Pharma consultancy services and develop a strategic plan to new companies/new portfolios, speeding up the growth in such markets.
In 2016, Dr. Ernest joined our international consultancy Swiss Association ISKANDER & ASSOCIATES / MENA LEGAL, to support with his vast Pharma experience the MENA LEGAL business and legal consultancy. 


Working throughout the MENA region Dr. Ernest is providing  legal, compliance and business development consultancy services to our Pharma clients. Among his many talents, he is also providing business development, compliance and legal consultation to various joint ventures between Arab and North American investment and Pharma companies, with the objective to introduce their portfolio to the MENA Region.


Professional Activities 

  • Head of Novartis BD&L and Strategic Planning (UAE) January 2013 - January 2015
  • Business Franchise Head Novartis (UAE) January 2012 - December 2012 
  • Head Commercial Operations Novartis – Middle East Cluster (Dubai based) November 2009 - December2011
  • Head of Marketing Crew- Novartis Region AMAC (Dubai based) January 2007 - December 2010
  • Regional Group Brand Manager Novartis, Middle East (Dubai based) June 2007 -October 2009
  • Brand Manager for New Strategic Products of Novartis (Egypt) January 2004 - May 2007
  • Market Research Manager Novartis (Egypt) January 2000 - December 2003
  • Representative and Business Analyst for Ciba-Geigy / Novartis (Egypt) January 1993 -December 1999


Rewards & Memberships

  • Commercial Excellence – Middle East – January 2012
  • Leadership Excellence-Marketing in Middle East Cluster- February 2010
  • Best Initiative in EGM for Flotac re-branding - Istanbul, November 2006
  • Best Performance in Novartis/Marketing for year 2006 – Cairo, January 2007
  • Diamond Award for Marketing Best Practice from “the Global Marketer“in 2007 for promo campaign
  • Developed Smart Branding model – launched in EphMRA - Barcelona 26th June 2007
  • Council Member for GLG-Gerson Lehrman Group 



  • Dr. Ernest Makram is a medical doctor, he holds a Master in Business Administration (MBA) from Maastricht School of Management, Netherlands. 
  • Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery- Cairo University-1991
  • Master of Science in Rheumatology & Rehabilitation Medicine- 1997



Languages   English and Arabic

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