Renewable Energy Practice Group

At B&A – MENA LEGAL, we work since over two decades with both clients and investors and developed a vast local knowledge and professional insight into every level of the renewable energy business.

Having being part of the early renewable energy business, investment and regulatory environment in Germany, B&A – MENA LEGAL was one of the first presenting and supporting local governments in introducing respective regulations in the Middle East and beyond, e.g. South East Asia, and helping international clients from the RE sector to establish in the regions.

We at B&A – MENA LEGAL, dare to plan and partner together with clients and governmental entities for the unexpected to develop a novel mindset, phasing out the old world, while setting up new business models. Our long year international project experience in the RE world has taught us how to support client best to restructure or set up and bringing new business models into reality.

In good times and bad, we support our clients to transform their business and concentrate on new opportunities and create growth.

Renewable energy is creating new business opportunities: At B&A – MENA LEGAL we help clients to develop new business models from the concept, to the business and financial plan. Based on the action plan and roadmap, we then even support their implementation.


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