Fintech Practice Group

Our FINTECH PRACTICE GROUP is advising and supporting governments and startups in the Fintech sector for implementation of their blockchain based projects. Next to regulatory, legal and tax aspects we can provide through our strategic partnership with the London based Fintech boutique consulting company BANQUE DUVAL & CIE Ltd. a comprehensive one stop shop service. 

Up on request, we may facilitate introductions between the companies intending to launch an ICO and possible contributors to such ICOs, always in compliance with the applicable laws*.


Currently MENA LEGAL™ is supporting the worldwide lounge of one of the most sophisticated new cryptocurrency and blockchain-based banking and payment platform, Quantocoin with its ICO in Q4 of 2017.


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* Under various jurisdictions, like e.g. the US, Canada, China, South Korea, Japan, and Australia, ICOs and any other token sales are either forbidden or regulated. For instance, U.S. residents without appropriate registration with the State authorities and the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) or compliance with the Regulations governing specific exemptions for a sale of securities may face criminal charges. All materials found on this site are for informational purpose only and shall not be treates as legal advice.

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